Fall Pod Dressing

Fall – don’t you love it?  Well fall is here and it is time to put together a fall pod (simple dressing).

Pod dressing is 38 (or so) pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes to wear 3-4 months.  My summer pod was 4 months but this pod will be September through November.  Creating my fall pod was about not only my day-to-day life but knowing I was picking clothing for two personal trips (to Italy with my husband and a 3-day train trip to Boston) and three professional trips (2 of which are more local, one is in Phoenix, Arizona).

Things to think about:

+Fall in California isn’t necessarily cooler during the day, but the evenings are often cooler. That being said, It is more about fall colors and layers than needing coats.

+ I want to take into account some of the current fashion trends. Pod dressing gives me a chance to play a little and to live into a new way of dressing, cause…why not?

Trends I identified that I like and I think would work for me are:

The 70’s vibe/Bold patterns

Brown I pulled out my brown skirt from the back of the closet (how did I forget I had this? It is so soft!) and added it in (nice when a trend doesn’t require an extra purchase).

Cool Hosiery 

Red (there are a bunch of trends here, but skip down to “Red”)

Here are my pieces to go with the trends:

The 70’s & Bold Patterns – both of these came from Talbots – I am finding more of my clothing is coming from here as it is one of the few places that cares about adult clothing for women these days (don’t even get me started…)


Cool Hosiery – most of the pairs I bought I found on Amazon.


(note: two different legs, note the hosiery on the left 🙂 )

Red – red really is the best color.


Here is the fall pod:

Jackets: Oversized Brown and White Sweater Coat, Jean Jacket (new), Tweed Jacket (new), Black Velvet Vest (old and well worn but still beautiful). (4 total)

Sweaters: Red, Teal, Black/Cream/Teal (from Summer Pod) – these are all the style that is longer in the front, plus my Green Anthropology sweater from 2 years back, its more classic. (4 total)

Pullovers: White pullover sweater – has a nice bit of shimmer in it – plus a casual, light brown pullover & a purple sweater top (lightweight but long sleeves)  (3 total)

Shirts: Bold Red/Black/White shirt & Bold Teal/Blue/Cream shirt, Red and White tee-shirt, Brown/black/white tee-shirt , jean shirt (5 total)

Shells: Blue, Red, Black (2), Pink – All were in my summer pod except for the pink (5 total)

Skits: Black (2), Brown/Black (1), Brown (1), Blue and White (1), Tweed (1), Jean (1), Artistic Wrap Around (1) (only Brown, Tweed, Artistic Wrap Around are new to the pod) (8 total)

Pants: Black velvet (1 total)

Dresses: Black Polka Dot (1) and Blue Professional Dress (1) (2 total)

32 total pieces.  It looks like this:


Shoes: Black Sketchers, grey heals, brown walking shoes, Black sling back, black closed toes, red loafers. (6)

And this: IMG_1611 IMG_1639

Welcome fall!

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