Monthly Archives: January 2016

Setting Goals in the New Year (again)

I am a goal setter. I realize lots of people aren’t and some have pretty strong feelings against New Year’s goals saying they don’t work. And while I cannot disagree, still I set goals.

I set a half-dozen personal goals last year and I completed 0% of them. I even took an online course about goal setting and still 0%. Why?  I forgot. I got busy.  I made excuses. I found them too hard.  I didn’t want to make the changes.  In other words, I set them and never really did anything to move them forward. Till this week when I thought, “hey, what happened to those goals?” 0% success rate happened, that’s what.

IMG_0266I’ll be honest, I felt pretty down. After seeing this, I decided to become one of those people who doesn’t set goals. After I gave up, I had a couple of days when I felt disenchanted, discouraged, despondent. But then I thought, “Nicole, you don’t give up! When the going gets tough you don’t leave. You are tenacious!” This is about 80% true, honestly 20% of the time I run for the hills but, after I worked through my discouragement I decided to try again. Here is what I did:

  1. I reviewed last year’s plan. I asked myself what was worth moving to this year’s list & what wasn’t? What jumped out at me was less the goals I didn’t reach but the previous years (2014) accomplishments. Even though I felt like I got anything done in 2015,  I decided this was a good way to end this year too. What did I accomplish? So I made a list of what I had done and included that at the start of this year’s journal.
  2. I figured out a way to keep my goals daily before me. I wasn’t sure how to do this but after doing a bit of research I decided on a vision board. The idea of a ‘vision board’ has always seemed ridiculous to me but the process of finding photos online that symbolized my goals was fun and encouraging. I printed out a collage of all the photos and taped it into my planner. I also used the photos as screen saver images so that I see them throughout the day.
  3. I strengthened my organization and accountability. I bought a new planner and a new journal that I customized with tape and stickers and checklists. I made space to include my goals and created a larger chart (goals along the way and a place I could record how I am doing) for my planner. I updated my Way Of Life app to reflect the small daily actions that will move my goals forward.
  4. I got help to support me in achieving my goals. I find I do better if I receive support. How I had done this is through audio books and podcasts. This year, I have added a 30-day course.  The idea of the course is to pick one goal for 30 days – mine is to walk  8000 steps 30-days in a row–and to build upon that quick win. The course has an online Facebook group too!

So, here is to the New Year not giving up.  Here is to 2016!– Nicole