Train Trip Final Day

11/25/15, 6:45 PM   It is a good thing my iphone always knows where I am because on a train, you’d have no idea-

12249618_10153347280653865_3154262454814556504_nYesterday we moved on to a new train and this had a smoother ride for sleeping and I was out till 7AM. My iphone told me I was in Ohio – Found the coffee, had breakfast (I did have the pancakes which were awesome) and started writing at 8 AM.

This trip has been focused on my book and a couple small blog posts. For the book, I ended up writing about 2,500 words a day or 7,5000 total. Which is 7,500 more than I wrote before the trip so while I didn’t feel I produced tons of material, it did feel like I really have made a start and have found a direction for what I am working on. To keep the momentum going, I spent time yesterday figuring out my next 3 writing session.

What I learned about myself.

  1. I struggle to put what I am feeling into words because I have been so very action oriented over the last decade or so. I found that writing for 50 minutes and meditating for 10 minutes (focusing on my breathing and finishing with a prayer) was the most helpful part of moving me forward.
  2. I struggled to say things honestly because I don’t want to say things that people might debate me on. That comes from all those years of preaching (which for me is about getting folks to engage and consider and not to tell them what to think). A book is more about telling people what you think and so it is very different from preaching.
  3. Using Focus@will helped me stay writing. I have used this music app for a couple of months and am finding I stayed focused and writing for longer periods of time (I saw this when I blew off using it a couple of times).

If you go on a train trip you need to know:

  1. Bring small luggage – a backpack is perfect because you’ll want something you can hang up in your room. Otherwise you have to share your bed with your suitcase or leave it on the luggage rack down the hall.
  2. Easy on & easy off clothing and shoes. You have about a foot of space to stand in and dress so, wear what is easy (and bring about half what you think you need since who cares if you wear the same things several times).
  3. Bring something that is home: I brought tea, a tea mug and an immersion heater and that helped me feel more relaxed.
  4. If the cabin door shakes put a piece of tissue over the latch – I wish I knew this last night but it did help me all day today.IMG_1610 (1)

So my train trip is over – thanks Jeff for the awesome birthday gift!

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