Train Trip Day 3

11/24/15 7:30 PM

12247155_10153347280583865_4110046340310252772_nUp at 5:30 AM and found we were almost in Kansas City – I opened my room’s drape to see the glowing red sign proclaiming, “Jack Stack BBQ.” I knew exactly where I was!

The conductor let us have a “fresh air break” at the trainstation and I paced back and forth by the train trying to wake up. Sadly, there was no bbq smell to enjoy. As we pullout out of the station, I pour a cup of coffee and got to writing.

It was a beautiful morning. Open fields, farmhouses and snow. Lots of snow. Dogs and horses, donkeys and emus. Only saw one Starbucks but saw hundreds of abandon homes in sad and beautiful states of decay.

I reread what I had written and tried to not get too caught up in trying to “fix” it. My time this week will be more enjoyable if I spend the bulk of it writing, not fixing what I don’t like. I am halfway done with a new chapter and am finding the committee in my head is quieter. Ate my lunch in my room and keep writing.

12246797_10153347282703865_6490883575727232364_nWe got in to Chicago by 3PM and I wandered around uncertain where to go and set up my computer for the 5 hours I had until we boarded the next train. Walked around upstairs and saw all the fast food, which did not look good at all.  I ended up finding that I had access to the Metropolitan Lounge where you get free coffee, wifi and lots of comfortable seating. There is even a Christmas tree in here.

Spent till 6:30 PM writing about the Eucharist and reading about the Maker movement. Read a magazine and confirmed yesterday’s suspicion that I hate magazines (they say nothing new). We board at 8:30 PM.

The new train has a different room set up.  There is a toilet and fold up sink which means the bed is not very wide.  I ate some pretzels and watched the first episode of The Royals. My attendant doesn’t make up my bed so I figure it out (mostly) and had a much better night’s sleep.

A good and long day.


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