The Six Core Competencies of Pastors (Part 0)

core_competencies_imageMy husband, Dr. Jeff Luther,  is the director of a medical residency program.  That means he trains new medical school grads on how to be amazing Family Physicians. He has done this for over 20 years.

I like his world.  I like hanging out with those who run the larger hospital and hearing how they focus their people, assets, and knowledge to make a difference for patients and for their community.

Last year we were in Kansas City at the bar of the historic Rieger Hotel and Jeff was talking to me about the “six core competencies” for physicians.  These are the core behaviors in which they train new physicians so when their three-year residency ends, they are ready for the world in which they will serve.

The core competencies for physicians from the ACGME are:

Professionalism– Carrying out professional responsibilities, including acting ethnically & caring for a diverse population.

Patient Care– Providing care that is compassionate, appropriate and effective.

Medical Knowledge– Having strong medical knowledge and applying this knowledge to patient care.

Communication– Effective communication with the patients,  families, other providers (nurses, doctors, etc) and the larger system.

Practiced Based Learning and Improvement– Embracing an ongoing commitment to evaluate care in light of new and evolving evidence through lifelong, self-generated learning.

System Based Practice- Connection with and commitment to the larger healthcare and community systems and the use of their resources with a focus on providing excellent value.

I have thought about what he shared since then and it has me thinking…what are the core competencies for pastors in today’s world?

Coming up with core competencies (CC) is nothing new.  Just google it.

Here were a couple lists I liked:

Core competences of future global leaders: Creative Direction, Inspiring Commitment, Effective Decision Making, Empowering Others, Continuous Self-Development.

CC for leaders: Social Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Prudence, Courage, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Political Skills, Influence Skills, Area Expertise.

Over the next couple weeks I will share what I see as the six core competencies for pastors. I invite you to come up with your own list and share your thoughts too.




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