Fall Pod 2016

So I have been picking a small number of clothing each season and dressing from just these pieces for a year.  It has been w o n d e r f u l!

What I like:

+Easy to get dressed every morning and easy to put clothing away at night. A lot less stress.

+I am rotating clothing with each pod so I am wearing a larger number of pieces of my wardrobe than before.

+Its fun to put this together each season – gets me thinking about the changing of the seasons plus travel and entertaining that is up coming!

So here is what I picked for the fall pod- a total of 32 items ( I go up to 35 so this lets me still include something I will realize later that I really need). This will be my basics October-December.

  1. Shirts –   plus a black and a white shell. 


2. Skirts, dresses and pants –  plus black pants, 2 black skirts, a black and white dress.


3.Jackets and sweaters -plus two black sweaters and a long vest.


4. Shoes – plus a pair of brown pumps. 


Fall dressing for me is about color and textures and not the warmth of the clothing (cause in point: it almost 80 degrees today!). My pod is more skirts than pants, so if you are trying this you’ll need to adapt to what works with your lifestyle.

Happy Fall!



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