Adding in an Evening Ritual

This year one of my successes has been my morning ritual.  I get up by 6:30 AM, walk, meditate/pray, write and jump into the day.  It has worked well to have my standard plan even if there are times I travel or a too late night keeps me from perfectly following my ritual.  It is simple: walk, pray, write, get ready for the day.

This last week I began an evening ritual.  I get home by 7PM, have time with my husband Jeff, take a bath and listen to music, meditate/pray and read before going to bed by 10 PM.  What I am loving is having a clear plan lets me focus on family, self-care and learning – three essentials for me.  Of course, I won’t do this 100% of the time, but knowing it is my “usual” is very freeing.

What gives your life form and rhythm?


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