04 – 9 Actions to Grow Worship & Professions of Faith

When I was in my 20’s my husband and I moved into a new community.  It was the 4th of July weekend and the little town had a parade.  As I sat on the curb, drinking my lemonade, the “float” for the local United Methodist Church went by.  I watched as they laughed, smiled and waved their “God loves everyone” flags.  That church became my home church.

This summer I am sharing a list of 9 ideas for Cal-Pac pastors and laity as we live into Bishop Grant’s challenge to increase worship attendance and professions of faith. Here are earlier posts: #1, #2, #3

Today I want to talk about #4 – Get Out of the Building

On Sundays I visit our churches and honestly, many of them look closed (even on Sundays). How do we (1) share what is going on inside our churches with the outside and (2) get out of the building and meet some new people.  Let’s talk about the first one today.

Here are some simple ways to let the community around your church know things are happening in your church.


  1. Open the Doors – If your church has two sets of doors, open them both – open them wide.  No door should stay closed. No one should have to pull open a door on Sunday morning.
  2. Put your coffee time before and after worship and put it OUT FRONT.  Buy some simple green grass carpet if this means you will be in the parking lot and pull some easy to move tables and chairs out front. Set up a table for coffee (these make it simple).  Play music, have fun.  Invite those who come by to have coffee with you.
  3. Do an assessment of your church landscaping.  Is it clean?  Are the plants alive? How old is your sign (nothing says “1950’s is going on here!” more than a sign from the 1950’s)?  If it looks ill-kept and old-fashioned people will drive by.
  4.  You website is a door to your church.  Have you updated it?  Do it now.

Would you like to know what visitors think?  A mystery visitor can visit your church and send you a report (contact NReilley@calpacumc.org).

Action: Take a photo of your open doors and/or your coffee hour in front of the church and post it our New Ministries Facebook Page.  We’d love to see them!!!

Action: Sign up for our upcoming Creative Worship Conference (8/26/17) and get creative!



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